The Kingdom is On Fire

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My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death.

- Matthew 26:38

GraveWax Records - Sick Sounds from the Underground

The Kingdom is On Fire


The Kingdom is On Fire

MP3 Album - $7.77 MP3 Album $7.77

Release Date: April 8th 2007

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The long anticipated album "The Kingdom is on Fire" by Sons of Perdition is a full length thirteen track, death country album. This collection of songs deals with revenge, hellfire and killing in the name of God. It also includes guest vocals by Lonesome Wyatt of "Those Poor Bastards" on the song "Blood in the Valley".

1. This Land is Cursed - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
2. The Party - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
I swear it was the Wendigo that drove me to the axe, but I confess that no hand further made me chop and cut and hack. Deep inside my curdled mind a murky abyss yawned, and at my feet in endless sleep my family waited for the dawn. Children, mothers, beasts of burden, not one life was spared. Gazing on the piles and pyres, I rended clothes and tore my hair. Deep inside my troubled mind, that gaping hole was filled with blood and moans and fingerbones of all my party I had killed. On ground and clothes and hard-packed snow, just how much blood I cannot tell. What Neptune's oceans could not cleanse did grease my footing down to Hell.
3. Anhelo - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
My skin and my clothes colored red with the dust, so full of rage that my brain's about to bust. I've lived out my life without blemish of sin; I'm not out for murder, just bloody revenge. O sun up above, throw down pity on me! Lay light on my dark path that I, Lord, might see. Done said it a hundred times, say it again; I'm not out for murder, just grant me revenge. When that which you thirst for is redder than blood, when angels with trumpets unleash Heaven's flood, ain't nothing you do will keep Satan at bay. He'll climb on your back and he'll lead you astray. He whispers the things that you're aching to hear as he pours bile and venom so deep in your ear. When your body's a prison and your mind is a cage, the Devil blows cruelly on the embers of rage. With no Sword of Righteousness, no Shield of Light, and the promise of vengeance that's darker than night. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, and the blood on your hands bespeaks volumes of truth. The blood in your veins crying loudly for justice. That old Prince of Lies whispers warmly to trust us. Pray the good Lord will find him and root out his tongue 'fore down the Abyss your poor body is flung. The glare of the sun helps me gather my thoughts. I choke on the smell of my soul as it rots. My thoughts turn to one thing and that thing is murder. I jump on my pale horse to find those who'd hurt her. O Lord up above, show Your mercy on me! I've lived a good life now devoted to Thee. Now turn a blind eye for I need absolution 'cause I'm riding to Hell seeking black retribution.
4. There is a Judgment - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
Well I'd had my fill of corporeal strife, so I took the grim task of ending my life. But I'm telling you brother, though you struggle and strive, the flames down below never die. That great temple curtain will be rended in two. Angels and devils will flock down to you. A clamorous war will be fought for your soul, then you're lifted to Heaven or pulled down the hole. O holy day, when the Maker decides who must stay and who's carried away. Well I chose the wrong path, it's easy to see, for Satan's foul minions laid claim upon me. We struggled and fell down that bottomless pit, then we blistered and roasted long after we'd hit. So harken these sad words I'm saying to thee, or you'll burn and you'll writhe in Hell's furnace like me. I'm telling you brother, though you think this life's cruel, think twice before you kick out that stool.
5. Blood in the Valley - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
The sick of the fold turn their backs on the flock to wander the wasteland so grim. They pray to false idols of wood, gold and rock when they ought to raise voices to Him. The blood in the valley is Thine Lord, not mine, so guide my hook and hand as I reap from the vine. The faithful up front and the sinners behind, O Lord, let Thy glory shine. They poison the wells with their venomous lies. The crops in the fields turn to coal. Like a gangrenous limb on the body of Christ, their stain brings Hell on the whole. The moon of the harvest is steeped in red hue, and from the mouth of the valley, no sound. The dregs on the ground pay the Devil his due as he lights on that pale sunken mound.
6. Burial at Sea - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
In that lonely year of our Lord, 1693, I sent for my loved ones far across the sea. Well I'd made a home and I'd made a name, I'd made us a life in this land, then fate turned the tides when it dealt me a most miserable hand. All of life's riches turn to dust when they're offered up to me. All the world's gold is worthless when you've lost the only key. It all comes back to me; burial at sea. The voyage was quite uneventful, the way it was meant to be, when ugly events unfolded in the black Sargasso Sea. From those hellish, inky depths rose a servent of the Dragon. The lives of the crew and my family were snuffed out by the Kraken. As I make my way through the water, my Bible stays dry on the shore. I see them out there in the distance and the sight cuts me down to my core. As my shoulders slip under the water, my progeny hunger for more. In silence Leviathan ushers us through those great cyclopean doors.
7. Cannibals of Rotenburg - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
Don't venture down to Rotenburg or you'll lose more than money. They'll take your head and pretty limbs and bake them up in honey. They'll spill your guts out on the floor or throw them in a pot then boil your brains with radishes and serve them soft and hot. Your bones they'll split to suck the marrow, lungs will go to dogs. Your skin will make a fancy suit; the rest belongs to hungry hogs. Don't journey down to Rotenburg. O no, stay far from there. So stay away from Rotenburg if you value your soul, or like a tree they'll break you down and burn you into coal.
8. All He Wants (Is My Blood) - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
As the lamplight grows so near and we know longer hear from Him, all He wants is my blood. And the darkness closes in for we are all awash in sin; all He wants is my blood. All He wants is my blood, Lord all You want is my sweet blood, my sinner's blood. Though my body stinks of sin, Thou hast sworn to let me in; O all He wants is my blood. As this poor old body shivers and the crops grow blight and wither, all He wants is my blood. And though my family's in the ground, you won't hear me make a sound because all He wants is my blood. And as on my bed I lay and feel my soul slipping away, all He wants is my blood. I see angels through the heat, though the Devil's at my feet, and all He wants is my blood.
9. An End to All Flesh - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
The sun and moon and stars had fallen when I heard the darkness calling. O Lord, Your Kingdom is on fire. From roots to shoots of every tree, from mountaintop to murky sea, O Lord, Your Kingdom is on fire. The Kingdom is on fire. He's coming with the clouds and that ain't no funeral shroud. O Lord, Your Kingdom is on fire. The lion and the lamb they lay. We hear you come from far away. O Lord, Your Kingdom is on fire. O the Kingdom is on fire. We're begging and we're praying for an end to all flesh. You give us so much righteous death. The shepherd gathers all his sheep as all the earthly nations weep. O Lord, Your Kingdom is on fire. And from his winepress comes a flood that bathes the earth in sinners' blood. O Lord, Your Kingdom is on fire. O the Kingdom is on fire.
10. Death of a Shuckster - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
The ground was baked hard and the children were thin; the faces of townsfolk were all but caved in. So hot that they couldn't tell kith from their kin when the rainmaker, full of hope, came rolling in. And his mouth hollered promises, his eyes yelled relief, and the folks gave all that they could give, except for all their grief. Drunken on snake oil and glutted on greed, that merciless shuckster harked his hollow wares. But high above the valley, no cloud would take seed, so in a torrent of red dust, he tried to flee there. But the townsfolk fell upon him; their eyes were like ice. And they split his guts from neck to flank in grim sacrifice. And as his body fell lifeless on that hardscrabble ground, all bleary-eyed and drunk on blood, the townsfolk staggered back to town. Above that parched valley, the clouds in the sky like shuckster's blood clotted as it blackened and dried. And perched on that firmament of Heaven on high, the black eyes of angels were peeled open wide and the heavens were rended with a deafening sound, and the rain hammered deep on that drought-bitten ground, and a great wall of water through the valley did howl. It washed away the people and their sins and their town.
11. The Legend of Saw Jones - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
It was way down South where Sherman had Atlanta all a-burning that his only son was shot and stabbed and killed. And to avoid a lynching for having gone Injun, the surgeon took a post out on that bloody battlefield. Well he's hacking and he's sawing and his chisels both are gnawing through the grit and through the grime and through the grue. And he's whistling and he's grinning and his eyes are both a-spinning and his skull is burning coldly like the moon. Well nobody knew how the surgeon's madness grew like a fungus in the absence of the sun. How he pieced together limbs and how he bayed unholy hymns like his ancient Shaman masters once had done. When he saw the body jerk he knew his necromancy'd worked; now until the End of Days it roams the land. And when it begins to speak, of the grave it always reeks as it vomits up the secrets of the damned. Then several graves were pillaged and the women of the village met the knife and hook of lonely Saw Jones. Well the men all had enough and got a posse up to snuff him but all they found was Junior sucking marrow from his bones.
12. Fall to Your Knees - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
When your spirit's surrendered and forsaken your flesh and you wander the earth with no comfort or rest, don't go searching for solace for you cannot be saved when your soul lies and festers in the mouth of the grave. Your words echo hollow in the dead veil of night. Your mouth dribbles honey while your heart vomits lies. There's no faith without action, or so some would say. Your insides grow soft as your spirit decays. Fall to your knees, for the grave's not the only door open to thee. Rise up from those waters and cast off those chains and ascend to the Kingdom or be engulfed in the flames. Remember what paved that grim road down to Hell. There ain't nothing the Devil can't buy or can't sell, so don't waste your breath on those promises so fair. When you've got no intention, it's Hell that you'll share. There you'll know of no mercy, you'll hear of no mirth, shackled in fire to the bowels of the earth. O you pitiful soul, the time now is nigh. Offer your deeds to that glory on high and fall to your knees for the grave's not the only door open to thee. Rise up from those waters and cast off those chains and ascend to the Kingdom where in glory He'll reign.
13. I Wanna Go to Heaven - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
When this body grows weary and the end's feeling close, I wanna go to Heaven when I give up the ghost. I'm counting sparrows in darkening skies get swallowed by the clouds in my eyes. Beneath an old cypress, I wonder why in the earth we were brought up to lie. The sun shudders softly behind a cold moon. My breath bleeds out slowly 'til it fills up the room. I'm drawn to my grave like a moth to a flame. The temple makes itself a tomb. Sweet Jesus I fear, when this body is gone there'll be nothing left but a pile of my bones. Though I sleep in the clay, don't forget me that day. Don't leave me down there all alone.