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My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death.

- Matthew 26:38

GraveWax Records - Sick Sounds from the Underground




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Release Date: November 12th 2013

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"Trinity" is a bloody and esoteric spaghetti western that follows a fool's hellish odyssey through the American Southwest. Ripe with allegory and symbolism, it's a desperate tale that spans 16 chapters over an hour and twelve minutes.

CD's ordered from this site include a free album download and a tarot card created especially for the album by noted German illustrator Christoph Mueller.

1. Fallout - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
2. Exile - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
3. Lenders in the Temple - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
The church in the desert, like a purse stuffed with gold, is surrounded by the hungry, the infirm, and old. And though they make a show of sweeping scraps from their table, they stick it to the poor every chance that they're able. There's lenders in the temple; jackals in the house of God. So me and this drifter broke in there for funds. We made out with the coffers as the clergy sat stunned. I said, "This mansion was built on the backs of the poor, so just pray for our souls as you lie on the floor." The priest pulled a pistol as we ran out the door. I felt a bullet rip through me and I fell to the floor. My partner stopped to help and was shot several times. The money fell in the pool of blood, brains and grime. The priest hit his knees like a man meant to pray. His vestments in gore, his beady eyes glazed. But he wasn't giving last rites to my friend growing cold. The cops swarmed around me as he clawed for his gold. Flip their tables, burn their notes, let's string 'em up and slit their throats.
4. O Daughter of Babylon - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
At the Amargosa River, on the bank we sat down. Yeah, we wept as we talked of forsaking our town. I hung my guitar in the boughs of a tree and cried awhile more as I remembered thee. The boss wants a song, so he shouts to the gang. He laughs as we strike up a rhythm with chains. But how can we sing the LORD's song in this land? If I forget thee, Sacramento, strike this harp from my hand. If I don't recall that city as my greatest joy, the songs of my father on my tongue will cloy. The bossman don't care about my shackle sores. He laughs again and orders us to sing a bit more. When I'm free I swear I'll burn this place to the ground. I'll ride through its streets and gun all its folks down. O Daughter of Babylon, I'll soon pay you back. The blood of your children will paint your streets black. Rejoicing I'll drink from those rivers of gore as I dance to the wails of the great Scarlet Whore.
5. Paying My Debts - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
Well I was cast out of Sacto and driven out east. In my darkest hour turned to crime. I was sentenced to jail, where I was beaten and starved. I was murdered time after time after time. Treat a man like a dog and that's what he'll become. He'll grovel today but soon his time will come. A man can be pushed, made to endure all pain, but one day like a noose, he'll reach his breaking strain. In an act of defense or defiance or rage, I savagely beat my cellmate. So they shackled my legs and threw me in a gang to clear an old graveyard and work off my hate. I felt like a beast, running hurt, blind and bleeding, knowing somewhere a cliff is ahead. The bossman would watch from the shade of a tree and drive me 'til I was near dead. The boss licked his chops and said, "Son, learn your place or I'll throw your bones down in the hole." Like a pot boiling over and snuffing out its fire, my rage burned as black as a coal. I'm no bossman's dog. My back won't stoop far. My home's not in heaven. I don't run from war. I say a man can be pushed but when there's nothing left at stake, sooner or later, he'll break. My eyes filled with blood so I picked up a bone and I cleaved his fat head clean in two. He fell into the dust as I spat on his face. "Brother, the same goes for you."
6. The Serpent - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
After breaking my chains and the skull of a man, I made like a rabbit and ran. I washed up in the fang of Nevada where I went on the lam. The sky was a mirror, the sand was a blade. I found work in an orchard way down in a glade. A great ouroboros burns in the sky: an eye, lidless and bloodless and cold. And as above, so below. Life begets death begets life in an endless tableau. From the villages and farms and Rez came the men, dirty and poor and thin. I shed my past like a skin and left it out west. I washed off my sins. I reached for an apple and suffered a bite. My senses consumed by the roar and the light. The serpent vanished in the shadows for good. I fell where I stood. A Hualapai spoke of a man named Coyote; a trickster in the woods. The others tried to quiet him but seeing no choice, they drug me from camp singing in a low voice.
7. The Trickster - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
8. Night Passage - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
The wind blew cold right through me as I headed through the wastes. Venom coiled around my heart and tightened as I quickened pace. Cold flames danced upon the sands. I spied a herd of camels. The muffled drones of Satan's choir called from buried angels. The stars in Heaven marked me. They know my name in Hell. I swear I killed a drifter then, whose body vanished where it fell. The air was rank with copper or blood from shuttered mines. A moldy skull stared from a ditch, its fate foretelling mine. I found an empty mining town, half swallowed by the earth. Bleached faces stared from windows, a sinkhole for a church. It was staved in like a coffin so I headed east to Page. Spectral voices joined that din of suffering and rage.
9. Song of Ruin - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
10. Profane the Night - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
I made my way toward Show Low through a desert dry as bone. I grew sicker from my wounds as they festered in the burning sun. Consumed by pangs of hunger, I sought shelter in a cave while the poison in my blood snaked its way into my fevered brain. Blood unto wine, wine turns to piss. Flesh unto bread, bread turns to ash. Gold unto lead, lead into stone. Skin decays to dust, the grave becomes a throne. Without a dime or a bite of food, desperation turned to panic, so when a hunter found my den, he found a beast that had gone manic. I brained him with my rifle butt, then took my knife and slit. I dressed his body where it lay, then roasted it upon a spit.
11. The Bones of Ymir - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
12. Strangers in the Desert - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
13. Revelations - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
14. The Leper - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
Louder and louder shook the black gates of Hell. I woke with a start, like a drunk in a cell. The chewing of wheels on the hot sandy ground came to a stop as my body was found. One must suffer from absolute blindness to freely pour the milk of human kindness. A malformed albino laid me in a seat. His face swelled with tumors, his skin like rank meat. He drove in silence as I lay in the back. Socorro was waiting down a long, dusty track. He fed me and clothed me and I slept for a day. I woke before dawn without much to say. My head started reeling and I felt cold and sick, so I found where he was sleeping and I beat him with a brick. I was hard up for cash so I looted his shack, stuffing my pockets as he wept on his back. My visions had shown me who I was to see: a healer named Maycomb out in Trinity.
15. Zero Point - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
16. Ascension - $0.88 Add to Cart -  MP3 $0.88
Pillar of flame, rise! Rise! God of no name, rise! Rise! Shadows burned into walls, rise! Rise! An end to it all, rise! Rise! Chaos returns. Rise! Rise! All lessons unlearned. Rise! Rise! Tabula rasa voids the sins of the Father. Rise! Rise! The heavens are gutted, the curtain thrown wide. The moon to the east, rise! Rise! The Magician unleashed, rise! Rise! All hope and all doom, rise! Rise! The dead from their tombs, rise! Rise! The Master takes to the throne, rise! Rise! Flesh is seared off the bone. Rise! Rise! A new King is crowned. Rise! Rise! The palace burns to the ground. Rise! Rise! The palimpsest scraped and made ready again.