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Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by? Behold, and see if there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow, which is done unto me, wherewith the LORD hath afflicted me in the day of his fierce anger.

- Lamentations 1:12

GraveWax Records - Sick Sounds from the Underground


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Achtung Deutschland!

June 9th 2009

I'll be showing artwork and rubbing elbows with folks for the "Rosetta Stone" art exhibition in Jena, Germany. It's being hosted by the Jenaer Kunstverein . The opening reception will be on June 26 with music provided by my old pals Cowboy Bob and Trailer Trash . It's at Atelierhaus (formerly Buchbinderei Martini) on Knebelstrasse 19 Jena. The show will continue hanging there until July 18. The show is a study of the mutating effects of translation on language. If you're in the area, you oughtta stop by. Who knows; I may become consumed by the Holy Spirit and firewater and sing a few songs off our new record. That's all for now, Zeb

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Behold this great Revelation!

February 25th 2009

Ahoy, gentle lambs!

After much toil and blood loss, I can say that our website,, is at long last open for your scorn and adulation. Within its dusty pages, you'll find a bit more information about your not-quite-beloved Sons than you probably care to know. In addition, I've posted the lyrics to "The Kingdom is on Fire", random words and some artwork. The lyrics for our upcoming album, "Psalms for the Spiritually Dead", will be posted once the release of that most sacred record is upon us. Such a bounty of holy knowledge and woe hasn't been freed upon the earth since the Holy Bible was first translated from Latin so that the people could read the miserable news for themselves.

I'll do my best to keep the site a bit more updated than I've kept our MySpace site, where news admittedly came in fits and starts. This oughtta be easy enough to do, since there's a decent amount of goings-on within the band lately. We're currently practicing so that we can start playing some shows around Arkansas, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and possibly East Germany. The other 45 states (and West Germany) are currently out of luck, but I'm sure we'll get around to them eventually. We've also got the new album coming out sometime later this year, as well as a couple of other side projects. And there are always more deserted towns for me to brood and obsess over, then pour the stories of their death into your waiting ear like a secret, lurid promise during Sunday sermon.

So take some of your precious time to pore over the smudged ink of our hymnal. Consider your time spent as a tithe. Smell the rotting paper, the heavy tones of sacramental wine. Hear the timbers sagging as the house of the LORD exhales its cloying breath through shuttered teeth. And ponder the sorrow of psalm and the mysteries of the word with us.

Your relay to the sacred,

Zebulon Whatley

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New Website

February 22nd 2009

Well, here's the fancy new website. It oughtta serve to bridge the gap between thee, me and He. I write everything within, so if you have any issues with it, feel free to contact me via the Supplication page .

The page you're currently reading, Proclamations, is where you'll find any news that may crop up about yours truly. The Psalms page has some songs for you to gloomily listen to while you weepily read the lyrics. You'd better grab a hankie for that one. The Gospel is where you'll find reviews, interviews, hate mail, transcripted conversations between myself and the good LORD and other miscellanea. Icons will have images, photos, flyers and all that kind of thing. Indulgences is our merchandise page where you can buy the album, posters and whatever junk we decide to pawn off on you and yours. If there's something weighing heavy on your heart, you can tell me all about it on the Supplication page.

I'm working feverishly on our second album, "Psalms for the Spiritually Dead", which is due out sometime in 2009 on GraveWax Records. As the title infers, it's an album of sacred music for the soulless. I look forward to smothering any slight hope you may yet harbor in the nautiloid chambers of your heart. It's only gonna be available on vinyl and as MP3's unless there's some unexpectedly huge demand for CDs and folks are crying out for my blood. The tracklist for the album is as follows:


1. Psalm of Withering

2. Psalm of Sand Creek

3. Psalm of Nod

4. Psalm of Retribution

5. Psalm of Solitude

6. Psalm of Hell


7. Psalm of Woe

8. Psalm of Eulogy

9. Psalm of Warmth

10. Psalm 1:38

11. Psalm of Slumber

I'm also working on the recording of a 7" record with Those Poor Bastards. It's not a split EP or anything like that. It's a holy and wholly collaborative effort. And it's old-time gospel, further cementing our role as conduit between He and thee.

In addition to writing, recording and building up this website, I've also kept busy sifting through old photographs of American Indians. It gets me depressingly motivated (or motivatingly depressed). I highly recommend flipping through Edward S. Curtis' "The North American Indian" if you get the chance. It really builds you up, breaks you down then slaughters all your buffalo.

We'll see you sooner than you fear,

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Psalms for the Spiritually Dead

January 27th 2009

I've just finished recording and premastering the next album, "Psalms for the Spiritually Dead". It's due out later this year from GraveWax Records. We decided not to make CDs with this one. It will only be available on limited release 12" vinyl and as MP3s. If you buy the record, you get a free download of the album, because I don't wanna take advantage of anybody by making then buy two copies of the same thing. If the records sell fairly quickly, I may end up getting CDs made eventually. The track listing is as follows: SIDE A 1. Psalm of Withering 2. Psalm of Sand Creek 3. Psalm of Nod 4. Psalm of Retribution 5. Psalm of Solitude 6. Psalm of Hell SIDE B 1. Psalm of Woe 2. Psalm of Eulogy 3. Psalm of Warmth 4. Psalm 138 5. Psalm of Slumber Your bent and broken scapegoat, Zeb

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