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Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by? Behold, and see if there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow, which is done unto me, wherewith the LORD hath afflicted me in the day of his fierce anger.

- Lamentations 1:12

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All isnt so quiet.

December 20th 2008

Sorry for the utter lack of news lately. To make it up to you, here's a brief rundown of what's new in our bleak little corner of the world. I've largely completed work on the revised Sons of Perdition website. I'm not putting it online until it's done, but it's gonna be a real beaut. I'm still recording material for our second album. Working on it is depressing the holy hell outta me, so that's encouraging. It oughtta be a bitter pill for your fevered soul to choke on. If you haven't noticed, we've relocated to the northwest corner of Arkansas, near Fayetteville. If you know any like-minded musicians, send 'em our way. Be comforted that all is not well in the world, nor should it be.

Your anguished brother, Zeb Whatley

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I posted another song off the album

June 13th 2008

I posted "Fall To Your Knees" off of our album "The Kingdom Is On Fire" on our MySpace site. It's one of my favorites from that period of songs. I figured I oughtta air out a few more songs from then before I move onto my newer songs in the coming months.

I just hope it makes you realize how depressing and hopeless everything is and repent, repent, REPENT!

I'm joking, of course. It's much too late for penitence.

Your doomed brother,
Zebulon Whatley

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Leave No Flowers On My Grave

June 8th 2008

Christoph Mueller recently drew a great picture of a dissected head in a glass jar for us with the phrase "Leave no flowers on my grave" written at the top. This was the title of a Sons of Perdition song that was originally recorded for "The Kingdom is on Fire" but ultimately discarded. It was decided that a song about love had no place on an album concerned with the holy. Trust me on this one.

Rather than let this little song continue to rot where I buried it, I've uploaded it for you kindly folks to listen to and decide for yourself. It's not our best work, but I think you'll agree that it's far from our worst.


Your blind shepherd,

Zebulon Whatley

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Listen to Psalm 1:38 and cower in fear.

March 9th 2008

Awhile back, we played a short live set on Austin, Texas' "Smooth and Demented Show" on KAOS Radio. We've added a live version from this set to our player. It's entitled "Psalm 1:38" and it's gonna be on the next album, whenever the hell it's released. This version isn't gonna be on the album, but the original collaboration with our good friend Onethirtyeight .

This live version's got Brother Michael McConnell on concertina and backing vocals. So ask your preacher to work it into the church hymnal and we'll see you in the shadow of those great pearly gates.


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